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Pirate Lovers Anonymous

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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2009|04:35 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous


i didn't know if anyone on here would like to see this pirate necklace I've created :). Blackbeards lost Treasure Chest necklace - Solid Sterling Silver 3D OPENS to reveal treasure.

Blackbeard, one of the most famous pirates who ever lived, is said to have taken chests of treasure and buried them along beaches.

Maybe this is one of his lost treasure chests, just waiting to be discovered full of rubies!

LunarraStar Jewellery is available at the following places -

( LunarraStar.com )
( LunarraStar.Etsy.com )
( LunarraStar Jewellery on Ebay )
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Aruban Pirates. [Feb. 27th, 2009|07:19 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

When I was in Aruba (summer of 2005), I was lucky enough to photograph a shipwreck. However, as the tour guide told us, these pirates were more modern than that of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Aruban ShipwreckCollapse )
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Fanvid -- Tortoise regrets Hare (PotC) [Jack/Elizabeth/Will] [Feb. 16th, 2009|06:48 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

[Tags|, ]

Title:  Tortoise regrets Hare
Vidder:  Pyrate Anny
Music:  James Yorkston
Fandom:  Pirates of the Caribbean (I & II)
Characters: Jack/Elizabeth/Will
Description:  A piratical parable of the Tortoise, the Fox, and the Hare.  I'll leave it up to you to determine which character is which.

Streaming on YouTube
29 Meg Download at FileFront 

Feedback coveted frantically!
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Piratey Home Movie [Sep. 7th, 2008|04:26 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous


What I did on my summer vacation:

Yo Ho, Hoist the Jolly Roger!
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The Ghost Ship [Aug. 22nd, 2008|03:55 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

[Tags|, ]

[Hello dead LJ Pirate community, how are you? Me? Oh, no complaints that everyone else couldn't spout. Although, I would like to hear from you more often.]

Moving on, one of my earliest memories of pirate joy, comes from one of my visits to Carowinds (Theme park located in Charlotte, NC [That's u.s., for those of you not living stateside]) as a child. Black Beard's Revenge was a ride (well, not so much a ride as a room with moving walls...but still) that I became completely enthralled by. You went inside what looked like a sort of seaside cabin and sat on long benches, all parallel. Then, the lights went out, the music kicked up and you realized you were in a pirate ship, in a pitching sea, mid-battle.

I probably posted about this when I first began posting here, so I won't go on and on, but I happened upon the photo and story below and it dug all those memories up, once again. Got me to wondering: Do you guys have any memories, fresh or ages old, of pirate themed-rides, dark rides, haunted houses, restaurants, bars, stores...whatever?

Said Tale. The history of such an attraction. Good stuff.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Free for 7 days [Aug. 8th, 2008|11:58 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous


That's free "Full Screen" for 7 days. So far as i can tell, the standard screen size after isn't too bad.

Waste some serious time with this game.
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Pirate band! [May. 27th, 2008|01:29 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

Thought you guys might be interested in checking out this punk rock pirate band. They just put out their first cd and it's pretty cool. You can click on the picture to head over to my review of it on my blog.


x-posted to im_a_pirate
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Why is This Movie Not Real? [Apr. 30th, 2008|09:06 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

[Tags|, , ]
[shanty |Bogart Shwadchuck: Bitch, go buy me a hotdog]

Is there any fiber of your being that does not, after watching the following, yearn for this 1936 classic? Wasn't it Simon Schama who said: "History has a cruel way with optimism." Never so true than now.

Per NeedCoffee.
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Community dying? [Apr. 25th, 2008|09:18 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nay, I defy it!!!
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Salty Pyrate Love (Frenchman's Creek Video) [Apr. 1st, 2008|09:59 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous


When I ripped my Frenchman's Creek DVD in order to make the fan video in the post below, I accidentally included the "Described Video for the Visually Impaired" audio track.  When I listened to it, I was surprised how suggestive some of the descriptions were, and I couldn't resist using them in a second fanvid:

Salty Pyrate Love

I know it's April Fool's Day today, but I swear that's the original audio track from PBS, with no tampering!

Cheers, Pyrate Anny
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Video -- "The Bold Marauder" (Frenchman's Creek) [Mar. 27th, 2008|11:22 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous


I'm very fond of Daphne du Maurier's classic pirate romance novel Frenchman's Creek, and the PBS TV adaptation of it, starring Tara Fitzgerald as Lady Dona St. Columb and Anthony Delon as the French pirate captain Jean-Benoit Aubery.

I've made a fan video using clips from the show, set to the song "The Bold Marauder", written by folk legend Richard Farina and sung by John Kay of Steppenwolf.

Here's the link to watch it on You Tube:

The Bold Marauder

Warning:  Rated PG for some very tasteful PBS-style semi-nudity and piratey violence.

Cheers, Pyrate Anny

"Death will be our darling, and fear will be our name!"

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Video -- Captain Hook: Never{Tomb}land [Mar. 24th, 2008|10:25 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

Ahoy, mateys!

I've made a music video that focuses on Captain Hook, as played by Jason Isaacs in the 2003 film Peter Pan.  It's set to the song "Tomblands" by The Libertines.

Drop your pieces of eight in the jukebox, and watch it here:

Captain Hook: Never{Tomb}land

Cheers, Pyrate Anny
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pirate story [Mar. 16th, 2008|08:14 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous
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[rum rations |amusedamused]
[shanty |none]

so i started to write a story
but i dont know how to continue it and i have no clue if its even good or not
comments and suggestions please?


London, England /Somewhere in the Ocean


            The cold air stung my face as I stepped onto the boat deck. The wind whipped my long red hair around my face as I looked out over the busy docks, and the dirty city. How glad I was to leave this place! I am 15 years old and happy to be leaving this entire life behind. This past year had been the worst I can remember. My father is a ship captain in His Majesties Royal Navy. He’s 42 years old, and was born and raised in England. He is tall, with brown hair and brown eyes and is very righteous in his ways. My mother was born in Ireland. She had long red hair like mine, with bright green eyes, and as my father said the sweetest of all creatures to walk this earth. She caught a plague last year, and didn’t make it through the winter. My father was so distraught. He couldn’t even look me in the eye anymore. My aunt said it was because I reminded him of my mother. We had the same red hair, and green eyes, but I had more boyish features. I was very small for my age but I had broad shoulders a sharp angles face and a deep voice. I was short and a bit flat-chested yet boys always seemed to like me, but I’m not quite sure why.

            So now I am leaving my childhood home to go to a boarding school in America. My father has had it arranged so I will be able to ride on the ship he captains. Women are not supposed to ride on the Navy War Ships (they usually fought pirates), but since my father was the captain I was allowed as long as I stayed out of the way. So during this long journey I was to stay in my quarters below decks. I hated even the thought of being confined to one room for so long. I took a deep breath of the salty air; I took in all my surroundings for it might be a while before I was outside again.

            “Hurry up men, we can’t start the journey already behind schedule!” my father shouted at the crew, “Anne, why are you still up here? Get down to your quarters, the men don’t need any distractions.”

            I scurried across the deck and down below. I tossed my things on the floor flopped onto the bed. The room was small and damp. It was only big enough me and the bed. How horrible this ride would be. I was finally on a ship, just like I’d always dreamed, but I was stuck down here. I wished to be outside, climbing in the rigging, and helping to sail the ship. I wanted adventure! I was delighted at the chance to leave London, but a boarding school would take the excitement out of it. Ever since I was little I’ve dreamed of going out to sea. Of course that was impossible, I was a woman. I was supposed to learn how to cook, clean, and sew, to be a good wife and mother someday. I couldn’t bear the thought of having a husband to tell me what to do, and when to do it. I just wanted to be free.

            I woke with a start as someone knocked on my door. I had just got on the ship and already I was sick of it, there was nothing to do. I had fallen asleep. I walked over to the door. It was James, one of the ship boys, he couldn’t have been any older then ten.

            “Hello James, what can I do for you?” I asked.

            “I’ve brought you your supper miss,” little James replied.

            “Thank you James,” I said as I took the tray out of his hands. He turned to leave. I shut the door and sat down. I was starving for adventure, and this food could not satisfy that hunger. If I couldn’t go up to the deck then I was going to explore the rest of the ship. I just had to wait until the perfect moment and I had to be careful that no one saw me. I peeked out to door to be sure that James was gone. I stepped out of the room and began to wander around seeing what I could find. I stepped down through a narrow walkway; there were two doors on either side of me. I could hear people in the room to the right so I went to the left. It was a large room with hammocks, and a pile of clothes off to one side. This must be the crews sleeping quarters, I thought to myself. There was a small shiv on the ground. The blade was smooth and shiny, with a rugged wooden handle. Suddenly I heard shouting and running feet up on deck.

“Pirates!” they were shouting.

“It’s Jack Sterling’s ship!” a few screamed.

“Get the guns!” someone yelled.

There weren’t any guns. My father hadn’t bothered to bring any. They thought it was to be a quick journey across, drop me of and head back home. I heard yelling and cries of pain. The pirates were taking no prisoners. Jack Sterling was the meanest of all pirates. He was also the youngest. He was a mere 18, not much older then myself. I had heard stories of him. He was said to be the cruelest of all pirates. He took no prisoners, instead, killed them all, and took everything they had.

All of a sudden I had an idea, a way to earn the freedom I had always dreamed of. I grabbed some of the clothes from the pile and quickly changed into a pair of pants and a loose fitting shirt. I took the shiv and hacked off my hair, and sat up on the nearest hammock, while I thanked god for my boyish features. I couldn’t see what I looked like but I hoped I looked like a boy. I figured that I could act like a prisoner of this ship, and maybe the pirates would take me on as a member of their band of criminals. Yes, I know it was a crazy idea, but they were going to kill me anyways, so what was the harm in trying. Also if they saw that I was a girl, I dread to think of what a bunch of pirates would do if they had their way with me.

I heard someone coming down from the deck. I heard no more yelling. I figured that all of the crew was dead, that meant my father as well. I was now an orphan, but I would mourn later, if given the chance. Right now I had to try to get aboard the pirate ship. Someone came into the room. It was him! It had to be. He was tall and handsome. He had an unruly mop black hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, staring into them was like staring into the bottomless ocean. He looked at me.

“Hello mate,” I said in my deepest voice, and my thickest Irish accent, “You must be the pirate they were shouting about.”

He pulled out his knife and lunged towards me. I slid off the hammock and stepped backward. Good I thought, he doesn’t seem to notice I’m a girl. I pulled out the shiv and started talking.

 “So mate, why don’t you take me on as a member of your crew, I can help out.”

“And why exactly should I take you. You just a little weakling.” I was shocked; he had an Irish accent as well. His blue eyes now looked menacing rather than sweet. I stepped back again.          

“I’m a hard worker, and I may be small but I’m quick and willing to learn.” I replied. This has to work I thought, I need this, I thought. His face changed again. He looked thoughtful, almost kind.

 “Well it just so happens that I do need an extra man, but one mistake and I’ll feed you to the sharks,” he said the last part so sincerely I was frightened but one look into his laughing eyes calmed me.

“Alright then, lets go mate, hmm and what did you say your name was?,” I said.

“Jack, but as a member of my crew you will call me Captain Sterling, and what am I to call you?” he asked.

“Well I’ll be calling ye Jacky then,” I had to think of a name and fast, “I’m Andrew O’Reilly, but you can call me Andy.” O’Reilly had been my mother’s maiden name. So we climbed out onto the deck. The other men stared at me. The men began talking amongst themselves. They were all big, and muscular with scars all over them. The looked menacing, and cruel. I was surprised that a boy who looked as sweet as Jacky could command these people.

“Alright grab anything you see and lets get outta here,” said Jacky. The crew lumbered onto the other ship, their arms full of what ever they thought to be valuable. As I stepped onto the other boat my life as a pirate began.

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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2008|02:16 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous
Aye have an intolerable cute pink & black Pirate Flag up on Ebay, if any o ye be interested have a gander!
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Someone say Rum? [Jan. 18th, 2008|12:21 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous
Join us at PyrateCon 2008 when we give away full free issues of the Spring magazine to every guest and vendor at the convention! It's our way of saying thank you for your support as we continue on into our third year of publication and the only magazine created BY Pyrates FOR Pyrates!

Check out some of the Spring highlights with a full 16-page PyrateCon highlight including maps, itinerary, background information, and a with a "one-on-one" session with Scarlott Harlott, our Grand Marshall of PyrateCon 2008! (no, this has nothing to do with how hot she thought my tattoo was in LA the other weekend. . LOL. . . we're just friends.)

I have to give credit to good friend Clay and Capt. Dave who gave me one killer tattoo with The Pyrates Way logo dead center of the art. . . doesn't get more pyratical than that!

Back to PyrateCon. . . . The Pyrates Way caravan of vehicles leaves Delaware to MD then DC and onward to an overnight in Roanoke, VA. The we're on the road to Nashville for another overnight (and to kidnap the best wench photographer in the world, Craig) then in The Big Easy a day early to help the PyrateCon folks set up. We give back to the pyratin' community in every way possible.

The Pyrates Way will be set up in the main lobby next to the registration booth with our own animatronic robot "Aaaargyle" who has been heard from in the magazine but never seen before! Subscribers get to pull FREE booty from our huge treasure chest which includes prizes like DVDs, Pyrate Toys, Glasses, free subscriptions, and even $100 in cash!

We'll also be sponsoring both the Pyrate and Wench of the YEAR contests with prizes, trophies and the chance for each winner to see themselves on the cover of America's premier pyrate magazine. . . THE PYRATES WAY.

The Pyrates Way is also giving a portion of our ad revenue from the Spring issue to the charities of PyrateCon 2008 and including subscription/back issues packs as auction items AND giving FOUR original acrylic paintings to be auctioned! Each one of these paintings has been or will be the back cover to The Pyrates Way magazine! (including Autumn07, Winter07-08, Spring08, & Summer08 issues). Own a piece of pyrate history when you bid on any of these great items for a great cause!

But our Spring Issue just begins with PyrateCon 2008. . . we also include the history of Jean Lefitte. . . . an article about where New Orleans folks go for the best food. . . sights of pyracy outside of pyratecon to see. . . and as we've been giving you for three years. . . Hot Wenches (five beautiful ladies who don't need a lot of Photoshop to be beautiful), A feature about a rum you might not know of, Re-Enactor's Corner, The most up-to-date and authentic pyrate events calendar anywhere, reviews of pyrate DVDs, Music, Books (and in Summer, we'll begin reviewing pyrate websites!), Crosswords, Jokes & Cartoons in our Lollygag section, and a Final Salvo dedicated to West Coast pyrates who've claimed just a piece of this old pyrate's heart.

All that plunder for FREE with your PyrateCon 2008 ticket. . . and that's just what we're offering. . . imagine all the other entertainment, lectures, food, rum, dancing, blackpowder, swords, wench auctions and an invasion of the French Quarter by all of our pyrate brethren.

I could go on, but my screen is covered in white-out.

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AN HONEST RAPSCALLION [Jun. 7th, 2007|09:02 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

[rum rations |creative]

Thar be a new website for me Emma of the High Seas, arrr! Me hopes it's too yer likings, me maties!
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Pirateens! [Jun. 7th, 2007|09:46 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

Ahoy, me hearties, and me one-eyed raven concurs! I'm happy to introduce you to my brand-spankin' new series called PIRATEENS. Arrr, they're teenage pirates with killer 'tude... and a great sense o fashion to boot. Brave ye be, the first of the bunch can be found waitin' for ye HERE. Hoist the mizzens and haul yer savvy selves on over!

- Paulina
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Pirate dress - for sale! [Apr. 11th, 2007|09:04 pm]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

A dress somewhat better bred than most, x-posted just a bit: doesn't she scrub up well?

Close-up of pirate dress
Click to enlarge

Here be more...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2007|11:21 am]
Pirate Lovers Anonymous

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